Application of CNC machining technology in the mold manufacturing process

Currently in the field of mold manufacturing production, the use of CNC processing technology, on the mold processing enterprises to enhance the effectiveness of the significance. The adoption of CNC machining technology not only gives enterprises an increase in efficiency, but also through the use of processing technology, as well as the innovation of CNC machining technology, enterprises also reap huge benefits. As a topic of importance to the current CNC manufacturing enterprises, how to strengthen the application of information technology in the field of CNC processing technology, making the mold processing mode shows a diversified development trend, how to break through the traditional technical difficulties, the use of local information technology in CNC processing technology, how to enhance the production efficiency of enterprises and obtain great production benefits are all the key research content.

1. Overview of CNC machining technology

Digital control is an automatic control technology developed in recent years, is a way to control the movement and manufacturing process of the machine through digital signals. In order to obtain a better core competitiveness, enterprises use automation technology in processing machinery control, which is the embodiment of information technology under the digital and automated control technology, digital processing is widely used in the field of production machinery, providing enterprises with more efficient processing efficiency, and digital processing technology to break through the original production process of low efficiency, long cycle bottleneck. With the support of technologies such as data running and computer software, mold manufacturing has realized automated production and high precision. For example, in large mold machining, there are quite a few parts that are large in size and complex in shape. The deformation of these parts after heat treatment is large, grinding processing is difficult, so you can use ceramic turning tools in the CNC machine for hardened parts turning processing, to turn instead of grinding, improve processing efficiency.

2. The application of CNC machining technology in the mold manufacturing process

2.1 There are various kinds of CNC machines used in the process of mold processing,

according to the actual production needs of the type of mold to select the machine, reduce production costs and fully classify the processing mold. Because the CNC machine is equipped with linear and circular interpolation function, when it is difficult to control the size and shape of the contour or the machining of the rotating body parts, a reasonable classification basis, using digital control technology, obtained a very good mold production results.

Play some of the non-circular interpolation function of the lathe CNC device, for the cylindrical, conical, table, ball and other parts with high accuracy requirements (mainly refers to the shape, position, size and surface accuracy requirements), the use of turning technology, processing surface accuracy requirements of the high variety of variable diameter surface parts, including CNC EDM and CNC display machining, etc. Hardened workpieces are machined for complexly shaped rotating body parts consisting of arbitrary linear and planar curvilinear contours, e.g., parts with dimensional accuracy up to 0.001 or less, where the accuracy of the part requires surface accuracy, which primarily refers to surface roughness. Cylindrical parts with high cylindricality requirements; conical parts with high linearity, roundness and inclination requirements; rotating parts with special threads; the above-mentioned CNC machining equipment uses computer technology for grinding tool production, including the application of digital control technology for extra-large pitch, equal pitch and variable pitch, such as smooth transition between cylindrical and conical threaded surfaces, and threaded parts cut by constant speed.

2.2 Through the improvement of digital processing technology,

on the one hand, the quality of the entire mold production has been improved. On the one hand, manufacturing enterprises through the research and development of CNC machining technology and investment, combined with market development needs, making CNC machining technology to develop and further technical improvements. For example, during the processing of complex molds, traditional CNC machining techniques often face the technical difficulties of mold processing. The use, the mold itself characteristics and technology application of the combination of the way, taking into account the processing quality, processing order and processing time, the targeted use of wire cutting, EDM digital display processing processing mode, with the help of computer technology for the implementation of the relevant instructions to achieve the optimization of processing procedures.

2.3 In order to improve the overall efficiency of mold processing,

the positioning is overlapped, and with the continuous improvement of CNC machining technology, the overall efficiency of CNC machining process is improved by optimizing the machining process, reducing the time required for mold processing, and using programming techniques to optimize the machining process in CNC machining technology. For example, during the start-up of the spindle, the machining efficiency is effectively increased.

3. The role of CNC machining technology in mold manufacturing

3.1 Important changes have been made in the production of products through CNC technology.

For example, in the precision of mold processing, with the help of a number of software to achieve mold processing, the use of digital control processing mode to improve the precision of the manufacturing process. The actual process can be completed by precise digital input to the computer. The processing of molds is driven by digital control technology to improve the precision of the entire mold, further improving the quality of the processing.

3.2 The range of mold processing is increased,

and the corresponding joint motion of the drive device is completed under the drive of the CNC device and CNC software. The important digital control devices mainly include the drive unit of the spindle, the feed unit and the related motor. The entire drive unit is not only able to achieve multiple goals, but also to drive the machine for complex mold production. Compared to the traditional mold processing technology, the scope of mold processing is constantly broadened, and the accuracy of the processing is also guaranteed.

3.3 Through the use of CNC machining technology,

the labor intensity of CNC production is greatly reduced. In the traditional model, the relevant staff must perform manual processing. The whole mold processing process time is long, low efficiency, and the use of automation technology, the application of CNC machining technology in mold production, changing the traditional mold processing technology, the production of high labor intensity, low production efficiency of the drawbacks, greatly improving the production efficiency of the mold. In the automated processing mode, the integrated production and processing work can be completed using the production mode of assembly line, the relevant staff only need to input operational requirements, driven by the computer to carry out software, the entire mold processing work, the ability to use CNC processing technology, greatly reducing the use of human capital, and enhance the entire enterprise's mold production efficiency, promote the economic benefits of film agent processing enterprises.

3.4 The application of CNC machining technology requires specialized personnel.

Professional skills require that staff must master sufficient computer technology, understand the relevant mechanical principles of CNC machines, be proficient in the various tasks in the machining process and CNC machining language. This places a high demand on the expertise of CNC machining technicians. To be able to do this job well, it is necessary to learn and practice, fully understand the relevant mechanical principles, and master the data control technology. In the event of a failure in data programming, the technician has the flexibility to program the language and complete the various mitigation technical requirements of the machining work. Therefore, CNC machining personnel with sufficient professional level should be regarded as talents in the field of CNC machining, to give them effective treatment and effectively promote the application of the whole CNC technology in the mold production and processing process.

4. Concluding Remarks

CNC machining technology has made great progress in recent years, the use of CNC machining technology, in the mold processing embodies its advanced advantages, but our country's CNC machining technology compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap. How to effectively improve the precision of mold processing, reduce the non-cutting time in the processing process, improve the efficiency of mold processing, is the main content of the current field of CNC machining technology research. From CNC processing technology to mold processing, to the application of digital automation technology, the cultivation of talent, etc., to constantly give full play to the advantages of technology and talent, in order to promote the development of our country's mold making and modeling enterprises to a new level.