Choosing the right and suitable carbide endmills is the key to controlling costs

Carbide end mills
Since WOTEK had founded in 1988, 32 years, WOTEK cutting tools manufacturing, with custom tool design, continue to reduce costs for customers in the tool design and manufacturing experience gradually accumulated, it is found that many customers generally reduce costs in the process, producing a blind spot - "low price = lower cost"
WOTEK solid to help customers to reduce costs, the percentage of production costs are listed below:
A: Tools: 2%
B: Material to be processed: 18%
C: Cost of personnel: 32%
D: Machine use cost: 28%
E: Management and other costs: 20%
The cost of the tools only 2% of the total cost, that is, the price improvement, can only save a small proportion of production costs. In different processing occasions, whether the customer chose the right tools will affect many factors, such as: dimensional accuracy, surface quality, dressing time and tools wear, which ultimately affects the quality and cost of the work piece.
In response to these factors, we continue to assist our customers in making recommendations for the process! With the design of the compound cutting tools or the selection of the appropriate tool (Such as: drilling, milling, boring once completed), to help customers shorten the process, to reduce the time for switch cutting tools, and thus enhance the customer's work piece size accuracy, processing surface quality, machines utilization rate ... and so on, and more full use of personnel, and indirectly reduce the management costs, in contrast, than the unilateral reduction in tool costs to achieve the goal of reducing production costs.
WOTEK is designed for customers to "reduce costs" to design the tools needed for customers and to provide more efficient advice on "tool use".
Our tools cost may be higher than other normal tools, but if you can save time and achieve rapid processing, you can save the cost with more productive way of your machines, personnel costs, and management costs to achieve a high proportion of savings.